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Automatic pool cleaning | What’s best for my swimming pool?

Published by Swimming-Pool-Expert on July 14th, 2011

Pool cleaners

Nowadays homeowners have a variety of alternatives when it comes to cleaning their pools. They can hire an outside pool professional, use their own time and muscle or if they are in the process of building a new pool, include an in-floor cleaning system.  Many of us turn to automatic pool cleaners (APC) however, because they save time, are easy to use, and are quite efficient.  Here are a few tips to help you decide which automatic pool cleaner is best for your pool.

What are the types of automatic pool cleaners, and how are they different?

There are three types of automatic pool cleaners available in South Africa:

  • Robotic pool cleaners;
  • Pressure-side pool cleaners; and
  • Suction-side cleaners

Robotic cleaners are compact and self-contained machines that move themselves around the pool,  sucking up dirt and debris while also rotating brushes or rollers to scrub surfaces.  These types of cleaners do not use the pool or booster pump to start.  Some use a water-safe electrical cord that is plugged into a 3-point plug, while others operate with a chargeable battery or solar power.  These robot pool cleaners “learn” the pool shape wit its first dive into a new swimming pool and thereafter clean cover the interior pool surface 100%.   Prices range from R10800 at your local online pool shop up to R58000 for the bigger robot pool cleaners that covers a 60m long pool.

Click on the photo below to place your order.

Dolphin robotic pool cleaner



Unlike robotic cleaners, pressure-side pool cleaners use the power of water pressure to pick up dirt and debris. One style connects via a hose to the pool’s return (more…)