A swimming pool is the best investment for home entertainment

Published by Pool-Builder-Centurion-Pretoria-Johannesburg-Midrand on June 14th, 2011
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Beautiful swimming pool

Great news for swimming pool and spa owners was announced yesterday by Hendrik Ehlers, franchisor of Swemgat in South Africa, when he said:  “We want to make swimming pool maintenance easy for pool owners by publishing a practical DIY pool care manual and comprehensive advice for free

Ehlers is convinced that a swimming pool is much better home entainment than watching TV.




He says the following reasons distracts home-owners from owning a pool, but that Swemgat want to change them for the better:

  • The swimming pool industry’s bad reputation;
  • Poor after-sales service;
  • Potential hassles with swimming pool maintenance and difficulty to find free advice;
  • The lack of professional pool care instructions from pool builders;
  • The view by some people that a swimming pool is a luxury; and not an investment in health and after-work family entertainment.

With free access to the Swemgat swimming pool manual, pool ownership will be made simple with all the information readily available.

Ehlers mentioned the following benefits of swimming pools, but there are many more:

  • Better health for all due to easy access of enjoyable exercise at home (swimming, relaxing and playing in the pool)
  • Improvement of the general fitness levels of individuals
  • Lowering of stress related illnesses
  • More time for social interaction with family members and friends
  • A secure and healthy playground for children after school

He also said that home-ownership is important for everyone and suggests that all home-owners should consider owning a swimming pool after 3 years of getting used to the monthly bond repayments.   Or alternatively consider a spa, referred to incorrectly by most South Africans as a Jacuzzi, with its hydrotherapeutic jets and relaxation benefits.

{Note: Jacuzzi is a trademark of the Jacuzzi company.}

The Swemgat swimming pool manual will cover topics from best-practices to maintain a pool; how to test and balance pool water; extending the life of pool equipment; the best pool heating systems;…. to swimming pool safety; learning to swim and the basics of CPR.

New articles, vouchers and “surprises” will be added over time to make this swimming pool manual interesting and worthwhile reading. 

Please contact the editor as we welcome practical questions relating to pool ownership and please send us photos of your own backyard paradise or “nightmare” (in turn for some free discount vouchers and assistance from a Swemgat pool consultant or expert technician).

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