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Swimming pool sandfilter operation | What is the Multi-port valve?

Published by Admin on July 15th, 2011

The selector options on MPV (Multi-port valve) of a swimming pool’s sandfilter explained

The multiport valve is the main flow control valve on a swimming pool sandfilter, the most used filtration system in South Africa. The MPV has 6 settings to direct the flow of water from the swimming pool through the pump and filter.


Aquaswim swimming pool sandfilter










The MPV settings and their function are as follow:

  1. Filter
    The normal setting for the valve. Pool water is drawn through the pump, passed into the top of the filter tank and down through the filter media, via the filter underdrain system, after which it is returned to the swimming pool.
  2. Backwash
    The setting used for flushing (more…)